Client: Qualcomm
McCann New York
Group Creative Director

Director: Jordan Brady

This is a continuation from the Bavarian Dance and Beatboxing Dad.

People love their smartphones. And while they think that's because of the screen or the camera or all those apps, the reality is what people really love- what they can't live without- is the Qualcomm technology that makes it all possible. After all, Qualcomm invented the smart behind every phone you can think of.
When the commercial breaks come on while you’re watching TV, a lot of people naturally look to their smartphones to see what’s going on. And since Qualcomm invented the technology that makes smartphones so mesmerizing and indispensible, we are totally okay with that. So watch our commercial, or go ahead and check your smartphone. Either way, you're getting a whole lot of Qualcomm.

Features Vanessa Rubio from the Neflix Series Cobra Kai