Client: Lockheed Martin
McCann New York
Group Creative Director

Today, the space race isn’t between countries. It’s between aerospace companies. Making recruitment more important than ever. Lockheed Martin asked us to help them recruit the most brilliant minds in the country. So we created something the most talented engineers can’t resist. A challenge. We surprised Virginia Tech with a 14 foot mysterious box that appeared in the middle of campus. To find out what the box held inside, students were asked to solve expert aerospace equations in order to “Unlock” the box. When the box was finally unlocked, those with the skills capable of doing so were rewarded with a VR type experience using a system of mirrors and video technology. They also discovered something else they weren’t expecting... a job offer with Lockheed Martin’s space department.

D&AD 2019:

Graphit Pencil


$10,000 WINNERS