Client: Lockheed Martin
McCann New York
Group Creative Director

Space is not a destination. Or a tourist attraction. Or a delivery route. Space is a place to do. It’s an unlimited resource of untapped potential, and Lockheed Martin is developing the innovations and technology the world needs to unlock its possibilities. But when it comes to unlocking the universe, we need the brightest minds to help us do it.

So, to go about finding the rising stars in the world of engineering, we created the ultimate test: A box. But not just any box. A 14-foot tall, mysterious inky-black monolith that can only be unlocked if you’re able to solve one of the world’s most impossible aerospace equations. In fact, the exact equation was a problem Lockheed Martin engineers had to solve for a real-world satellite mission. Lockheed Martin is bringing the lockbox to some of the top engineering schools in America, starting with Virginia Tech.
We challenged students to see if they had the space skills it takes to unlock The Box, and earn themselves a future at Lockheed Martin. But what exactly will they be unlocking? The universe. Inside, the winner will experience a 360-degree audio/visual journey though the stars, culminating with a grand prize and possibility of a job at Lockheed Martin where they can unlock the unknown on a daily basis.

D&AD 2019:

Graphit Pencil


$10,000 WINNERS